Professional Development

St. John’s First Aid and CPR Training – Fall 2016

fYrefly in Schools Volunteer Training –  February 2018

CampfYrefly_Banner.jpgRecently, I have had the opportunity to join fYrefly in School as a volunteer. Although this training is aimed at being a volunteer within the fYrefly program, the experience and knowledge in relation to the LGBTQ+ community is valuable as a teacher myself. Through the day-long course, we learned about several activities that would take place in the classroom along with information about the community that the students would learn such as:

  • Terminology corresponding to grade level (ex. bisexual, gay, lesbian, transgender, demisexual, homoflexible, agender, pansexual, pomosexual, etc.)
  • “The Gender Unicorn”
  • self-reflection resulting in the creation of our own narrative
  • the different ways people experience privilege (race, gender, social status, job, education, sexuality, geographical location, etc.)
  • the effects of and how to respond to homophobia in the classroom

The Gender Unicorn is a classroom resource that I can definitely see myself having in my own classroom. It shows simply and clearly how gender identity, gender expression, a person’s sex, a  person’s physical attraction, and a person’s romantic attraction are different. genderunicorn1.jpg