Gender and Sexual Diversity

Deepening the Discussion: Gender and Sexual Diversity


This document, created by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education in 2015 is an invaluable resource for all teachers. Not only does the document work to educate teachers themselves, but gives guidance on how to educate students from Grade 1 through Grade 12. The content in this document is applicable to all subject areas as well, ensuring that students feel safe in all environments, not just a health or English class which can be more open to opinions. It encourages teachers to ask students to self-reflect and build on their self-reflections with important questions such as,

“Who am I? What does it mean to be me? Who am I as a person? What choices are right for me? How do I want others to see me? What “power” do I have to cause or promote change?” (recommended for Grade 1)

“What are some of the changes and challenges that you are facing? How have others dealt with these changes and challenges? When do you feel most confident about yourself and your place in the world?” (recommended for Grade 6)

“How ought human beings to behave? Is desirable behavior the same in all cultures? In all communities? What do people do when faced with a decision between advancing a cause and doing what they believe is right? Are there situations in which individuals might challenge authority? What are some responsible ways of challenging authority?” (recommended for Grade 12)

The document also provides teachers with protocol on how to deal with cases of harassment and how to handle intolerance in the classroom.

fYrefly in Schools Program

This program is a beneficial tool to have for the teacher who wishes to make their students aware of gender and sexual diversity in a unique and engaging way. This is an informative presentation that comes right to your classroom to do the teaching for the teacher. Students learn:

  • Age-appropriate terminology relating to sexuality and gender identities
  • The ins and outs of the ‘Gender Unicorn’
  • Learn the harm of derogatory language
  • Analyze and consider the privileges they have
  • Are able to hear stories from and ask questions to a panel of LGBTQ+ guests

To see what happens in a typical session, click this link! Note: activities included in sessions will be adjusted according to the time allowed, but the panel will ALWAYS be included as this is reported to be the student’s favourite part. As well, the “Mythbusters” game is not played as told in the video due to the hurt it can sometimes put on the participant. A similar game is played instead.