All Hands on Deck: This Isn’t as Easy as it May Look

After one week of practice, I can’t say I’ve made much progress, but I can’t be too hard on myself as my hand and brain are just getting used to the process. Most of the writing practice I am doing is through repetition. I already know how to write the letters properly, so my work is more focused towards making the letters look smooth, uniform in size, and able to be written without extreme concentration or time.


Through this week, I have noticed that my writing gets sloppier as I get further into the exercise. While straight-lined letters are the easiest to write, the round letters are a bit harder. I am beginning to think that this could be due to gripping the pen improperly and fatiguing my hand. Hence, another Google search!

While my right hand is a full-grown adult in terms of handwriting expertise, my left hand is not so much. I feel that going back to the basics with the ‘Pinch and Flip’ is the perfect fit.

To practice the proper grip without worrying about the fine motor skills required to make precise letters, I will be doing plenty of colouring this upcoming week! Learning is supposed to be fun, right? What’s better than opening a new pack of crayons and getting creative?

As for the ‘daily tasks’ of left-handedness, the hardest part is breaking the habit and ignoring the ‘instinct’ to reach for door knobs and shoes with my right hand. However, it is important for me to persevere in doing these tasks with my left hand so that I can develop strength and natural rhythm in the left side of my body that will be needed as more daily tasks are added on. By the end of this, I think I’ll feel like one of those one-woman bands.

But maybe not quite as stylish.


4 thoughts on “All Hands on Deck: This Isn’t as Easy as it May Look

  1. You’re learning project looks like so much fun! I never would have thought to do something like this–I always thought to be ambidextrous you had to be born with the ability. Also, you have to give yourself props for being able to stay in the lines and still have neat writing, even with your left hand. I think you are going to excel at this skill in the future! 🙂


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